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These are the 34 most important questions to ask when interviewing an agent.

Questions to Ask: Shea Realty: Other Agent:
1. Broker or agent? Jeff and Jon are Brokers
2. College Degree in Marketing & Real Estate? Yes
3. Any national recognition? "Who's Who in Real Estate"
4. How long in business? Since 1982 - 34 years
5. Have you ever managed a real estate office? Yes, twice
6. Do you own your company? Since 1984 - 30 years
7. What was your sales volume in 2014? $37,500,000
8. What is your sales goal this year - 2015? $46,000,000
9. What other occupations within the industry? Sales, Management, Marketing, Ownership
10. How many homes did you sell in 2015? 72
11. What was your average sales price? $640,000
12. Who pays for the ads, company or agent? (in other words, who is spending the promotional dollars?) Jeff Shea
13. Is there a marketing plan designed specifically for your home using the "5P's" of marketing? Can you explain? Yes
14. Are you intimately knowledgeable about 1031 exchanges, shared equity, AITD's, and other selling options, short sales, trust sales? Yes
15. How often do you attend training programs? Quarterly
16. What percentage of your listings do you sell yourself? 25-30%
17. What is the commission on an in-house sale? Negotiable
18. What was your average marketing time on listings in 2015? 15 days
19. How many full time licensed assistants work for you personally? 1
20. How many part-time licensed assistants work for you personally? 2
21. Do you have a service team organized? Yes
22. How often will I hear from you personally during the listing period? Weekly
23. How often will I hear from your assistant? Weekly
24. How often will we meet to discuss and review our progress? Every week or as needed
25. Will I have any input into the marketing effort? Yes
26. Are you associated with a relocation company in the United States? No
27. Do you stage the home? (ask if they know what staging is). Who pays? Yes
28. How many investment homes sold 2007-2015? 64
29. What is your customer satisfaction rating? 98%
30. What kind of guarantee do you offer? 120 Day sale or we sell it for free
31. Do you guarantee your service with a money back guarantee? Yes
32. Can I cancel the Listing Agreement at any time? Yes
33. Do you have a 5 star rating from San Diego Magazine? Yes, 8 years
34. Should you use Jeff/Jon Shea and their team? Yes